Concrete Leveling Services Available in Atlanta, GA & the Surrounding Areas

Concrete Leveling Atlanta GAConcrete leveling, or concrete lifting, is a geotechnical service used to correct uneven concrete surfaces. This repair method is popular throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding Piedmont region due to the weak, unpacked soils typically found in the area. These soils can shift or fall, causing concrete slabs to suddenly sink. When slabs drop, they can create a tripping hazard that is a danger to employees, construction workers, or anyone else who happens to come in contact with the uneven surface.

Why Partner with Engineered Solutions for Concrete Leveling Services?

To prevent workplace injuries, and remove the unsightly appearance of sunken concrete, many commercial structure owners in the Atlanta, GA, area opt for concrete leveling services. And, when it comes to concrete lifting, few companies can match the level of skill, attention to detail, and experience offered by Engineered Solutions of Georgia. We’ve been providing concrete leveling services for nearly two decades have perfected the process. While there are many other companies in the area that offer concrete leveling, we stand apart from the competition in a number of ways. Consider the fact that we:

  • Have provided concrete leveling solutions for roadways, factories, warehouses, and many other commercial structures ranging in size and scope as compared to other professionals who are only qualified to work on smaller residential applications such as sidewalks
  • Use only the finest concrete leveling materials and equipment, all of which are professionally handled by our highly trained design-build team
  • Employ a structural engineer who provides an additional level of expertise to any project
  • Offer a triple protection warranty for any project involving our structural engineer that covers labor, materials, and even design
  • Provide long-lasting concrete leveling solutions that are specifically formulated to meet our customers’ budgetary and design preferences
  • Offer exceptional customer service, including prompt, friendly communication before, during, and long after the project has been completed to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers

Methods of Concrete Leveling

There are a few techniques commonly used to lift a sunken concrete slab. The first is a process known by various names, including pressure grouting, compaction grouting, permeation grouting, or mudjacking. In this method of concrete leveling, several strategically placed holes are drilled into the sunken concrete slab. An injection pipe is then placed into each hole and a mud-like grout is pumped through the pipe and into the underlying void. This process is repeated until the concrete slab is raised back up to a level position, and it’s responsible for the technique’s “mudjacking” moniker: The mud-like grout lifts the slab up much like a jack lifts up a car.
Another common method of concrete leveling is called a poly-lift system. In this method, expanding polyurethane foam is used instead of mud-like grout. This method is often preferred because the polyurethane foam cures faster than the grout.
When leveling a sunken concrete slab, mudjacking or poly-lift systems are often preferred over pouring a new concrete slab because, unless the underlying void is filled in and a new, solid substrate is created, the new concrete slab will more than likely sink over time just as the old one did. However, depending on the condition of the sunken concrete, we may recommend mudjacking or a poly-lift system in addition to pouring a new concrete slab.

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For more information about the concrete leveling services we perform for customers in the greater Atlanta, GA, area, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. One of our sales representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you schedule a consultation for your project.

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