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Sinkhole Repair Huntsville ALA sinkhole—also known as a cenote, swallet, or doline—is a ground depression that forms when the surface layer of soil in an area collapses. Sometimes sinkholes form slowly over time, in which case they are referred to as “cover-subsidence” sinkholes. These sinkholes don’t pose a major safety concern since they develop so gradually, but they should still be addressed sooner rather than later as they can cause serious foundation damage to nearby structures. The other type of sinkhole, known as “cover-collapse” sinkholes, forms quickly and without warning, making it much more dangerous. If you have a sinkhole of either type on your property in the Huntsville, Alabama, area, you can turn to the team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia for reliable sinkhole repair services.

Compaction Grouting to Repair Sinkholes

The method used to repair a sinkhole can vary based on how large and deep the sinkhole is. However, one of the most effective and popular sinkhole repair techniques we use is compaction grouting. This method works by boosting the strength of the underlying soil structures, thereby increasing the load that the surface soil can bear. Our compaction grouting process entails:

  • Drilling into the affected area using a limited-access drill
  • Injecting a cement-like grout mixture into the ground under high pressure
  • Compacting loose soil and filling the sinkhole with grout until it reaches a specified volume or pressure level
  • Finishing off the area with soil and repairing any foundation damage that was caused by the sinkhole

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