Soil Nail Wall & Retaining Wall Construction in the Nashville, TN, Area

Soil Nail Wall Nashville TNAs the premier geotechnical specialists serving the Nashville, Tennessee, area, Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers soil nailing and retaining wall construction for a variety of applications. Soil nail walls and retaining walls are two common slope stabilization techniques used in the construction of buildings, tunnels, dams, roadways, and more. While both of these techniques can be effective, each has its own advantages and may be more appropriate in a specific instance. Our team has extensive experience working with both systems and can advise you on which would be more suitable for your individual situation.

Soil Nail Walls

A soil nail wall is an earth retention system commonly used at sites with loosely packed soil where there is a risk of landslide. Constructing a soil nail wall entails driving long steel reinforcement bars into the soil and then cementing them in place by injecting a grout-like mixture into each port. Soil nail walls are most commonly used:

  • During a temporary excavation at a construction site
  • When constructing tunnels, bridges, and roadways
  • To remediate a failed retention wall

We often recommend using a soil nail wall in situations where a traditional retention wall may not be able to safely and effectively prevent the loosely packed soil from shifting.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall serves the same purpose as a soil nail wall: to hold back sloped or excavated soil. However, the process of constructing a retaining wall is a bit different. Instead of inserting long steel rods into the soil, a reinforcement mesh is used, the soil is backfilled, and then a wall is constructed from concrete blocks. Typically, retaining walls are more cost-effective and easier to install, which makes them the preferable option when applicable.

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