What Is Poly Level?

Poly Level Atlanta GAIn areas such as Atlanta and throughout Georgia, the soil is loosely packed and weak. As a result, the soil can collapse or move quickly, which can cause a number of problems. One such problem is shifted or sunken concrete slabs, such as those found on warehouse floors, as part of foundations, or at the footing of concrete stairs. When these slabs sink, it can cause serious damage, including complete cracking of the concrete slab. But, concrete slabs often remain intact even after they sink or shift, which means they can be lifted back into place. In order to do this, foundation and concrete companies employ a technique known as concrete lifting or concrete leveling.

Concrete leveling and concrete lifting are remedial services used to lift concrete back into place. Traditionally, repair companies have utilized mudjacking and slab jacking techniques. Both methods involve injecting a loose fill concrete slurry beneath the sunken slab to lift it back into place. These methods have proven effective, but they come with drawbacks. For example, traditional mudjacking and slab jacking techniques require large holes to be drilled into the existing concrete slab, which can further damage the repairs if not done properly or carefully. That’s where poly level comes in.

Poly level is a cleaner, more effective mudjacking alternative used to lift sunken and shifted concrete slabs back into their original position. Instead of using a messy concrete grout, poly level utilizes an expanding foam that is injected beneath the sunken slab and lifts it back into place. Poly level installation is easier and cleaner, as the expanding foam takes far less time to dry compared to traditional mudjacking and slab jacking. It is also less susceptible to alteration as a result of extreme heat or cold, and it is a more environmentally friendly concrete lifting solution than its counterparts.

Poly Level Concrete Lifting from Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions is proud to use poly level concrete leveling methods, as opposed to less effective and messier mudjacking and slab jacking services. Our design build team can lift your sunken slab back into place with ease and finish the area to leave it looking flawless and better than ever.

To learn more about the concrete leveling services we offer for commercial clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and in the surrounding areas, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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